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Birds – Balloon ! Win ! Fail ! #48

This week’s challenge is Birds Balloon! Win! Fail! New Videos Every Wednesday! The Balloon Show where I try to make cool things out of balloons. Checkout Charlie’s Crafty Kitchen – Check out my Joke Channel – Previous Video: Next Video: Coming Soon Playlist: Follow me on: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: Reddit: For balloon …

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Rainbow Dash – EXTENDED #3

This is the extended cut of Rainbow Dash from My Little Pony Friendship is Magic! -Balloon Win Fail #70 Had such a blast making Pinky Pie from MLP I wasn’t sure if I could top it! I think Rainbow Dash was a good following act for Pinky Pie 🙂 All of the nitty gritty friendship goodies that went into making …

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Foxy the Pirate FNAF – Balloon ! Win ! Fail ! #73

This week’s challenge is Foxy The Pirate, From Five Nights at Freddy’s FNAF I love the characters from this show! They are just the right blend of creepy and cute! I didn’t add any jump scares into this video….. but, watch out for the extended cut!!! Muahahahahaha! I was considering making Foxy for ‘Talk like a pirate Day’ in September… …

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