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ENVELOPE PREDICTION Card Trick!! – Tutorial (See The Future)

HERE IS AN AMAZING ANYTIME ANYWHERE IMPROMPTU PREDICTION CARD TRICK. THAT IS VERY EASY AND FUN TO DO. It is a trick which can be also done with borrowed deck of cards. This is easy, impromtu and works with any decks. Hope you like this tutorial. Please Share if you did… Lnik for shout outed channel: I hope you …

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Juan Tamariz – Magic From My Heart

// PRE-ORDER NOW: Released on Tuesday October 17th // Juan Tamariz – Magic From My Heart – DVD The collection you’ve been waiting for – from no other than Juan Tamariz! Appropriately named, Juan Tamariz — Magic From My Heart shows us why Juan Tamariz is considered to be the greatest magician in the world. He cares about all nuances …

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Magician Advice – How To Do Card Magic The Right Way

Learn how to do card magic the RIGHT way! Have you been struggling to find the right resources to help you become a better card magician? Luke is back to bring you some of his favorite books and DVDs! FEATURED BOOKS & DVDs (order from magic dealers worldwide) Daryl’s Encyclopedia of Card Sleights: Michael Ammar Easy To Master Card …

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