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Demon Magicians: Episode 7 – America’s Got Talent – The World’s Best Mask Changer

EPISODE 8: The full AGT episode: The conclusion is simple – some magicians get help from demon spirits in their magic performances. Episode 6 shows the best evidence for demons, epiosde 8 how demons help certain magicians. Some people ask for more evidence, here it is, they admit that they do the supernatural with the help of spirits, …

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Demon Magic on America’s Got Talent | Demons Help Mike Super

Illuminati did 9/11 and created ISIS, watch the video called “Bush did 9/11”. If you still don’t think demons help the world’s top magicians, watch “demon magicians episode 1-8”. I am tired of having to explain how and why demons help these magicians in the comments. Article about Mirin Dajo:… This video is the result of ignorant skeptics …

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