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輪ゴムがトランプを探し出す簡単マジック!種明かし付き。Card Catch Rubber Band Card Trick Revealed

輪ゴムとトランプを使った簡単マジックの新作!種明かし付き! ボトムコントロール解説(Technique trick here)⇒ 輪ゴムとトランプの合わせ技パート1⇒ プレ企画開催中!ツイッター(Twitter)⇒ ブログ限定解説マジック⇒ 再生リスト(playlist)⇒ source

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Rubber Band Magic Tricks Revealed-សៀកអំពីកៅស៊ួងាយៗ-2017[Magic learning]

This video is a tutorial In Cambodia show you the trick then I show you how it is done. please watch the entire video. Easy For Learning…. ————————————————————— magic khmer mr free, magic khmer 2015, magic khmer 2014, study magic khmer, street magic khmer, solo magic khmer, magic blades 2012, khmer dubbed, khmer black magic, khmer magic show, magic cop …

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Magic Tricks Tutorials – Rubber Band Magic Trick- stage 2

Amazing & Simple rubber band magic trick Learn how to amaze your freinds without props. all you need is one rubber band. Please Comment, Rate, and Subscribe for more cool tricks! This video contains music called Blame The Kush from by user day_tripper13 source

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