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Six Card Repeat Magic Tutorial

Learn how to perform the 6 card repeat (six card repeat) A magician tells a story how he as a young boy met a magician who has six cards, throws three away, and still has six cards. This happens a few more times to the boy’s amazement.. Card tricks, stage magic, parlor magic, source

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Cutting a Girl in Half | Make & Do Magic | Ready Steady Magic

Learn magic with the Make & Do Magic Workshop from Ready Steady Magic, a one of a kind, fun activity for the whole family to enjoy together. “Cutting a Girl in Half” is the fifth trick in the series. Perform a classic! Cut a girl in half (with scissors!) Don’t worry, she’s not a real girl! Full instructions on how …

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Silk Through Rope Magic Trick – Visual rope trick penetration for stage and platform magic

LEARN MAGIC TRICKS Trick 23 The Best Rope Magic Trick (CLICK SHOW MORE) SUBSCRIBE to get a new magic trick each week! I would love to hear your comments on the rope magic trick, please comment below and I will answer you. Please click the thumbs up button and like this video and be sure to share it …

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